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What to do now?

Nowadays many people feel at the dead end.
One of the ways out would be imageries through referring to your unconscious. Only your intuition and instincts that have been working for centuries, will help find the answer you might be seeking for.
Mentally ask yourself an exciting question and choose a card. Your inner voice will surely tell you the right choice.
1. Stop thinking about how to receive love and start giving. By giving, you receive. There is no other way …
2. Dedicate your life to something good. Don’t dedicate it to the bad. You don’t have much time, not much energy to waste. In such a short life and a small source of energy, you don’t want it to be wasted on anger, sadness, hatred and jealousy.
3. Learn to laugh more. Laughter is as holy as prayer. Your laughter will open a thousand and one roses in you.
  1. There comes a period of time in your life when you move away from the drama and the people who create it and get surrounded yourself by people who make you laugh. You forget the bad and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right and pray for the rest. Life is so short, live it happily. Falling is part of life, getting up is living it. Being alive is a gift, and being happy is your CHOICE.
5. Don’t expect perfection, and don’t ask, and don’t demand it. Love ordinary people. There is nothing wrong with ordinary people. Ordinary people are unusual. Every person is so unique. Respect this uniqueness.
6. When it looks like everything in life is falling apart, start thinking about what to build on the vacant place.
7. Live the way that makes people smile and become a little happier after talking to you.
8. Don’t run from yourself, you cannot be anyone else. Don’t fight with anything and don’t try to run from anything. Let everything happen as usual.
9. Make your mind so mature that you can live without the meaning of life and still live beautifully. What is the meaning of a rose, or a cloud, floating in the sky? There is no sense, but what an amazing beauty! There is no sense … The river flows all the time, and it gives so much joy that there is no need for sense. The birds sing in the morning. But the point if it?
10. It is enough just to breathe …
11. Get the thoughts out of your head, but the heart. Stop thinking with you head and start listening to your heart. Think less and feel more. Do not get attached to thoughts, immerse yourself in sensations … And then your heart will revive, too.
12. It is too late to go back to start everything right, but it is not too late to rush forward in order to finish everything right.
Good luck!