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Shame is a social feeling. On the one hand, shame guards our inner I, keeping our secrets and secrets from external encroachment. It clearly sets the boundaries between what you can say and what is better to keep to yourself. On the other hand, shame can interfere with our socialization and adaptation in life. Shame can also get in the way of achieving our goals.

In a certain period of our lives shame helps us socialize. When we get older, more developed and want more in our life, we start dreaming of realizing our PURPOSE, EGO – idealism: That’s when the shame starts hindering us.

This is the time when it is necessary to work with “toxic” shame. Shame is aimed at destroying person’s personality. Personality that is “not worthy”, “not like others”, “fears for his/her life” and standing out from everyone. A complex of negative emotions in a sense of shame produces a huge amount of aggression directed at the person himself. Thus, an internal conflict occurs, which absorbs a huge amount of energy from a person and does not allow him to be realized.

How to get rid of shame? To do so you will have to neutralize the emotion of aggression directed at oneself. There’s a link on a video with an explanation of how to do that. Watch the video and subscribe to the channel, link:
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Natalya Kudryashova