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When self-isolation ends and social life returns, new desires spontaneously appear as the normal lifestyle comes back. At the moment it is very good to make wishes, change situations, transform programs. Everything we desire, wish for or dream of is fulfilled and eventually comes true (sometimes very quickly and sometimes after a certain period of time). And if at the moment you do not have what you want so much, then you are not ready yet, you are not strong enough for what you wish and so your unconscious protects you from a personal crisis: from moral and mental pain.

When you wish for one of your dreams come true, you do not think about the fact that in order for it to come true, you need to go through something, to lose something or gain something, or maybe even to change yourself. As soon as the desire is formed and strengthened in consciousness, everything around begins to rebuild in order for it to be fulfilled. People leave your life that interfere with its fulfillment, new ones appear who will help, those come who should teach you to see the way to the desired. Sometimes you need strength, without it you cannot go along this path, and strength can be gained only through pain and suffering and life difficulties.

Many people are afraid to wish or dream, so they just go with the flow — and this is not quite right. After all, our desires and our dreams are our engine for development and change. It is desires that kindle the inner fire, inner strength. As soon as you desire something cherished, something that did not exist should be born. The new born energy will remove the old from your life, which prevented the New from coming.

Let go of those you don’t want to be in your life. Learn to accept new things. Become flexible. Activate your intuition and instincts. Start accepting new acquaintances, partners, friends, circumstances. After all, everything new leads you to the fulfillment of your cherished dream. And very soon, a distant dream will come true, but a new one will appear. Remember, the NEW BIRTH comes through pain and transformation. First, the clouds must disperse and only after that the sun will appear. Live openly and accept in trust. Know that the Universe will lead you to your desire. Your only task is to start moving…

Always yours – Natalia Kudryashova