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The peculiarity of a person is that he or she gets used to things in life very quickly. The simple habit gets developed within 20 days. The human circulatory system is renewed within 21 days. It turns out that if within 20 days you perform same actions and think in one direction every day, then in 21 days it will become a habit. All your thoughts and actions will take a root in and you will get used to it. Past events, no matter how terrible they seemed at first glance, will become commonplace for you.

There is a concept in Psychology called “Comfort zone”. So, the nonsense is that even the strongest discomfort can become a comfort zone. The most important thing is not to stay and not get stuck in discomfort, which is starting to “break” your inner world and you as a person. It is important to be able to correctly assess the surrounding situation and adapt. Find the right strategy that can help you move on and realize your goals and desires. If the goals have collapsed, and your dreams have lost their relevance, then it is necessary to build a new path.

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 Always yours – Natalia Kudryashova.