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There are many different techniques for recapitulating and modifying programs. Today we will bring to your attention the simplest and most effective technique:

1. Select from your personal history an event for recapitulation to which you reacted negatively and experienced stress.

2. Imagine that situation, imagine the person (or those people) with whom your experiences in that situation are connected.

3. The first thing to do is to accept the situation. There is such an expression: “Everything is God’s will!” Accepting a situation means taking responsibility for its occurrence.

5. Determine: what important and positive things did the situation teach you? What positive lesson have you learned? There is such an expression: “Everything that God gives is for the best.” The procedure for recapitulating an event in personal history must be combined with a special “cleansing” breath. This helps to achieve a certain degree of focus and makes the entire procedure more effective. Breathe for 3-5 minutes before starting the recapitulation procedure until breathing is restored. Now take that event in your personal history that you are recapitulating and remember it until all the feelings that this event caused come to mind.

Then breathe in slowly, moving your head from the right shoulder to the left, tracing the tip of your nose in a semicircle in front of you. The purpose of this inhalation is to restore energy, since every life situation in which the senses are involved is devastating for a person.
Inhaling from right to left after remembering feelings, a person, using the energy of breathing, returns his emotions, feelings, thoughts left by him in that situation, that is, returns his energy. This is immediately followed by an exhalation from left to right. With the help of exhalation, a person is freed from those feelings, emotions and thoughts that were left in him by other people who participated in this event.

Try to hold the visual image of the event or the individual with whom this event is associated while breathing. Taking your thoughts, feelings and emotions when inhaling, return other people’s feelings, thoughts and emotions when exhaling to this person. Do this with complete calmness. After a few breaths, you will feel much better. Stop breathing and recapitulate when a feeling of freedom and lightness appears. Your body will tell you when to finish.

Each situation requires a different “number of breaths”. It all depends on the “severity” and duration of the event. It takes several breaths over several days to fully recapitulate some of the situations commonly associated with hard feelings and negative emotions. For example, the death of a loved one or the breakup of a relationship. In this case, you need to reconsider all the events in your life that are somehow connected with this person. In some situations, one breath is enough to feel lightness and freedom.

It is advisable to make a list of all the people you have met in your life before recapitulating. It is possible to do this, especially since when you begin to recapitulate your life, memories of those events that you have long forgotten will emerge.

6. Thank everyone involved in the event for the lesson. As you finish each recapitulation, say out loud, “I bless you with love and let you go. You live in your own world. I am in mine. You and I are free! ”

Information of V. Sinelnikov was partially used for this article