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How to get done more?

1. Baldly cross things out

This advice is the simplest and most effective one. Anyone who wants to keep up should stop planning to do a lot of things at once. If you are used to writing long to-do lists that you would like to do in a day, then learn how to shorten them.

2. Concentrate only on three goals

The ideal to-do list for the day should include only three goals. But it should be the three things that matter to you most. Even if it is not familiar to you, try to develop such a necessary habit. It will help you focus on the things that matter most. You will value your time and you will always know where it is best to spend it.

3. Combine small things and routine.

Watch yourself – how often do you get distracted by all sorts of irritants and small things happening around you? The best and easiest way to save time is to collect all the small things in one time frame and do them only at that period of time.